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Webinars program

Educational webinars for health professionals and patients

ERN-EuroBloodNet is aware of the high impact that the online activities have nowadays, especially in the area of education. Topic specific recorded video sessions provided by experts in the field allow health professionals and patients to learn highly specialized knowledge without the need to travel and whenever they wish. In addition, topic focused webinars allow to tackle questions gathered from the audience in real time, providing the perfect environment to nourish from the most outstanding experts in the field.

ERN-EuroBloodNet Thursdays Webinars

The aim of these online educational activities is to contribute to continuing medical development requirements of health professionals and patients, assisting them to provide cutting-edge knowledge on very rare diseases and highly specialised procedures, avoiding the general speech around a rare disease, but focussing on a very innovative and specific disease, clinic or intervention area.

Full program, topics, speakers and registration will be available very soon! 


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