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Swinkels, Dorine

About me

Name: Dorine

Surname: Swinkels

Academic title: Prof. Dr.

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  • Diagnostics

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Acquired idiopathic sideroblastic anemia Rare anemia Sideroblastic anemia Constitutional sideroblastic anemia Rare deficiency anemia Constitutional deficiency anemia Rare acquired deficiency anemia Rare hereditary hemochromatosis HFE related hereditary hemochromatosis Symptomatic form of hemochromatosis type 1 (OMIM 235200) Hemochromatosis due to rare mutations in HFE (OMIM 235200) Non-HFE related hereditary hemochromatosis Hemochromatosis type 2(OMIM 602390, 613313) Hemochromatosis type 3 (OMIM 604250) Hemochromatosis type 5 (OMIM 615517) Hemochromatosis type 4B (OMIM 606069) Ferroportin Disease Hemochromatosis type 4A (OMIM 606069)

Which is your patient age coverage?

  • Pediatrics
  • Adults
  • Ageing

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Scientific and Strategic Board member

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  • Red blood cell

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  • HH-Iron

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