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EuroBloodNet’s initiatives for Cutaneous Lymphoma community in 2020

EuroBloodNet’s initiatives for Cutaneous Lymphoma community in 2020

EuroBloodNet’s initiatives for Cutaneous Lymphoma community in 2020

In 2020 EuroBloodNet has initiated several important activities and initiatives which have a great impact on cross border community of health professionals, patients, and patients' organizations in the field of CL!

Although 2020 was truly hectic and difficult year, EuroBloodNet joined forces to support Cutaneous Lymphoma community with implementing several important initiatives.  

The Virtual Board of CL was established, consisting of 18 top international experts in Cutaneous Lymphoma. Experts are involved in several EuroBloodNet's initiatives to support CL community, like webinars or regular meetings in Clinical Patient Management System for inter-professional consultantions on rare and complex CL cases.

CPMS is a highly secured online clinic platform provided by the European Commission to all the European Reference Networks to support consultation on rare and complex cases. 15 CL Experts from Virtual Board were registered and trained in CPMS, with additional 2 residents/assistants managing patients' enrollment at Healthcare Providing Centers. Until now, 8 CL Virtual Board meetings took place, including 6 in the CPMS where Experts consulted and solved 9 CL complex cases. The generated outcome reports with a clinical advice were delivered to the point of care doctors and their patients. Clinical meetings in CPMS will continue in 2021.

To support the distribution of knowledge the EuroBloodNet's Topic on Focus: Cutaneous Lymphoma webinar program took place. Accredited with 7 CME points by the European Board of Accreditation in Hematology, webinar program for health professionals consisted of 9 lectures and was focused on different types and medical aspects, treatments and the newest advances in the field of CL. The program gathered the audience of more than 600 participants from and outside Europe resulting in average of 77 participants per session. 24 participants were awarded with 7 CME points for their participation in the program. The recorded sessions are available on the EuroBloodNet EDU YouTube channel!

Additionally, in collaboration with the Lymphoma Coalition, France Lymphoma Espoir, Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation and Eurordis EuroBloodNet has launched actions directly addressed to patients and patients organizations: a Topic on Focus webinar targeting patients organisations and the creation of the CL educational material targeting patients to be incorporated in the ERN-EuroBloodNet e-learning platform. More information on these initiatives will be announced soon!