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Cutaneous Lymphoma Educational Actions

Cutaneous Lymphoma has been identified by CL Task Force (Expert health professionals and patients organizations) as a clinical domain for establishing educational actions for patients associations. The educational program is coordinated in collaboration with the Lymphoma Coalition, France Lymphoma Espoir, Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation and Eurordis.

1.  Main objective is promoting the awareness on CL among patients' advocates and patients associations (English speakers) by Comprehensive Webinar program on CL. Program will give general information about CL. Diagnosis, treatments and management of specific type of Cutaneous Lymphoma will be taken into consideration. Webinar program will also consider topics as: CPMS, Cross Border Health and the added values of the ERN for RHD patients clinic management. Program is made by several sessions. It will be held once per month at a fixed day and timeslot. Speakers will be for each session a duo of health professional and patient representative.

2. The ERN-EuroBloodNet is creating an e-learning platform that will incorporate educational material dedicated to some specific Rare Hematological Disorders and targeted for health professionals and patients. Within this framework it is foreseen the creation of the repository of Cutaneous Lymphoma (CL) educational material for patients.

The repository material has a double utility:

  • A landscape analysis for understanding which pedagogical areas of CL have already been covered and identifying the gaps. The Coutaneous Lymphoma Webinar comprehensive program, described in the previous paragraph could address eventual identified gaps.  
  • Make the educational material accessible for patients through the repository itself.

Patients Associations Involved:

Lymphoma Coalition

France Lymphoma Espoir

Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation


Euro Blood Net