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Practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of microcytic anemias due to genetic disorders of iron metabolism or heme synthesis

Subnetwork: Haemochromatosis and other iron disorders

Disease group/s: Defects in heme synthesis or Fe-S cluster biogenesis: Sideroblastic anemias (SLC25A38, GLRX5; HSPA9), XLSA with ataxia (ABCB7), XLSA (ALAS2),Low iron availability for erythropoiesis: Iron Refractory Iron deficiency Anemia (IRIDA), Aceruloplasminemia (ACP),Rare defects in iron acquisition and transport: Atransferrinemia, Microcytic anemia with iron loading (DMT1), Sideroblastic anemia (STEAP3)

Scope and Purpose: 5. Diagnosis and treatment

Patients' involvement?: Yes

Rigour of development: A - Evidence and consensus based