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The First interventional healthcare area approached was: Inherited and acquired bone marrow failures including Aplastic Anaemia (AA) and Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH) in adult and pediatric patients.

ERN-EuroBloodNet endorsed three preceptorships held in ERN-EuroBloodNet highly specialized centers for AA and PNH with the objective to provide applicants with the fundamental tools for a correct diagnostic and treatment approach to bone marrow failures, including AA and PNH in children, adolescents and adult patients.

The highly specialized centers hosting the preceptorships are ERN-EuroBloodNet members that represent the excellence in RHD field at International level.This call is closed, more information on other disease programs will come soon.

Preceptorship 1 - Inherited and acquired bone marrow failures including AA and PNH in adult and pediatric patients

From 13/01/2020 to 16/01/2020 (4 days)

Host Center: AP-HP, Hôpital Saint-Louis, Paris, France

Coordinated by: Prof Regis Peffault de la Tour


Preceptorship 2 - Acquired bone marrow failure syndromes: aplastic anemia and paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria from the bench to the bedside

From 03/02/2020 to 5/02/2020 (3 days)

Host Center: Federico II University of Naples, Italy

Coordinated by: Prof. Antonio Risitano


Preceptorship 3 - Inherited, acquired and overlap bone marrow failures in children and adolescents

From 17/02/2020 to 20/02/2020 (4 days)

Host Center: G. Gaslini Research Childrens' Hospital, Genova, Italy

Coordinated by: Dr. Carlo Dufour


The three ERN-EuroBloodNet Preceptorships have been successfully accredited by EBAH (European Board for Accreditation in Hematology)


The Preceptorship program for AA and PNH is closed with a total of 13 Participants from 8 Member States attending to:

  • 3 Participants selected for Preceptorship 1 (Paris)
  • 5 Participants selected for Preceptorship 2 (Naples)
  • 5 Participants selected for Preceptorship 3 (Genova)

Congratulations to all!

ERN-EuroBloodNet Association is in charge to cover the costs for travel and accommodation of participants. ERN-EuroBloodNet Association will also provide for costs of daily stay and it will support logistic and arrangements for the educational material and it will be in charge of costs of logistic and arrangement site organization.

Preceptorship on AA and PNH are partially supported by EuroBloodNet Association through a Grant received from Alexion Pharma France.

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