Newsletter - March 2020

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COVID-19 and Red Hematological Diseases - Keep updated at the EuroBloodNet dedicated section

The correct treatment and management of infection by Coronavirus (COVID-19) in patients affected by Rare Hematological Diseases may be challenging given the rapid spread of the pandemia and limited literature so far

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New Webinars program! "EuroBloodNet's Topic on focus: Cutaneous Lymphoma" is starting on May!

EuroBloodNet Topic on focus will encompass a set of comprehensive series of Webinars tackling specific conditions. The first Focus will be on Cutaneous Lymphoma starting from May!

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European Conference on Rare Diseases & Orphan Products (ECRD) 2020 moves online next 14-16 May

In the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic and in line with WHO guidelines, the upcoming ECRD will now take place ONLINE on 14-16 May

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Feasibility study on the opportunity of setting up a European Expert Network for Rare communicable diseases and other rare pathologies in the context of Mobility and Globalization (EURaDMoG)

The study, funded by the EU, was produced under the EU Third Health Programme (2014-2020) and is exploring the options to set up a European expert network on rare diseases in the context of mobility and globalisation, with the purpose of improving healthcare provision. The study takes into account different operational, funding and sustainability criteria

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2020 Lymphoma Coalition Global Patient Survey on Lymphomas and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia is now live!

ERN-EuroBloodNet is proud to collaborate with Europe Lymphoma Coalition on a Cutaneous Lymphoma comprehensive webinar program addressed to patients associations and patients advocates that will be tailored based on the results

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ERN-EuroBloodNet new social networks! Follow us on Facebook and Linkedin!

In order to increase the outreach of network actions and results, we are glad to announce the release of two new ERN-EuroBloodNet communication channels through Facebook and Linkedin

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