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Expertise on Rare Hematological Diseases (RHD) is scarce and heterogeneously distributed across the EU. Many healthcare professionals face problems for diagnosis and/or taking a decision among therapy options in some complex cases and a significant number of patients remain undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, hampering the provision of a proper management of the patient.

In an effort to map the existing expertise on RHD, ERN-EuroBloodNet has built a central repository of experts profiles. In order to create the profiles, EuroBloodNet health professionals are able to select the specific disorders they are expert on based on Orpha classification. In this way, expertise in EuroBloodNet is searchable and thus, identifiable for their participation in CPMS panels

EuroBloodNet disease search tool

EuroBloodNet Disease Search tool has been implemented to exploit the data gathered through the inventory of ERN-EuroBloodNet members and experts. 

​The engine searches experts based on the information gathered through the Experts' profile, offering the possibility of searching either by specific disease through the ORPHA classification. The tool also includes different filters to add to the search as patients' age coverage, area of expertise, country. 

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