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e-Learning for Rare Anaemia Disorders

Rare Anaemia Disorders (RADs) are Rare Diseases which major forms require red blood cell transfusions and iron chelating therapy as main therapeutic options. During previous European Network on Rare and Congenital Anaemias (ENERCA), an e-Learning platform was included in an Academic specialized environment, the Montpellier University Hospital and Montpellier University, and managed by professionals of education with the aim to offer an open access distance learning prepared by experts, available to any European health professionals who wanted to update his/her knowledge and skills on RA. 

In the context of ERN-EuroBloodNet and under the CEF Telecom grant “Connecting EuroBloodNet II”, the adaptation of the educational materials produced has taken place in order to be available in ERN-EuroBloodNet e-Learning educational environment, as a separate e-Learning module focussed on Rare Anaemias including:

  • Module 1: Haemoglobin pathology
  • Module 2: Red blood cell membrane pathology
  • Module 3: Red blood cell enzyme disorders
  • Module 4: Rare diseases of erythropoiesis and red blood cell production

Each module includes an initial self-assessment set of questions, submodules for the specific description of the diseases, self-training activities including clinical/biological cases, links to European recommendations and good practice or national guidelines and final self-assessment questions for each session to allow self-validation of the acquired knowledge.

In addition, registered participants may interact with experts and with other participants through a specific module: Social learning. A personal follow-up is possible and may help enhancing adhesion and motivation to complete the programme. Finally, through the administrator section, tutors can access to some statistics on the courses and participants, eg Progression of learners or the most popular courses within the module.

The adapted e-learning content will be available on our website very soon! Stay tuned to our social media!

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