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EuroBloodNet's main goal is to improve the healthcare and overall quality of life of patients with a Rare Hematological Disease by:

  1. Improving equal access to highly specialized healthcare delivery for RHD by facilitating the establishment of a European cross border referral system for patients and samples through a multidisciplinary patient centred approach.
  2. Enhancing the best practices in prevention, diagnosis and safe clinical care across Europe based on promotion of evidence based guidelines by pooling expertise within EuroBloodNet
  3. Disseminating cutting-edge knowledge and facilitate continuous medical education in the field of RHD in collaboration with the European Hematology Association and the European School of Hematology
  4. Providing inter-professional consultation by sharing of expertise and safe exchange of clinical information
  5. Fostering European cooperation to support epidemiological surveillance of RHD and to gather the critical mass needed for development of innovative therapies, clinical trials and cutting-edge methodologies for diagnosis.

In line with these objectives, five main Transversal Fields of action (TFA) has been established to implement annual work plan aiming to achieve EuroBloodNet goals.

Euro Blood Net