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ERN EuroBloodNet Topic on Focus for Patients’ Organizations: Cutaneous Lymphoma

ERN-EuroBloodNet Topic on Focus for patients' organizations is coordinated in collaboration with the Lymphoma Coalition, Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation, France Lymphoma Espoir and Eurordis.

It aims to disseminate very innovative topics related to Cutaneous Lymphoma among patients' organizations in order to give the visibility to the medical services available in Europe, last quality of life cutting-edge advances in the field of this very rare condition and its treatments options.


  • Six sessions, once per month on Monday, from 5 pm to 6 pm (CET), starting from April 2021.
  • 25 min of presentation + 35 min for questions (written in the chat)
  • On Zoom
  • Program will be recorded and part of the ERN-EuroBloodNet Edu YouTube channel

Each session is moderated by a duo of an expert physician and a patient representative, who elaborate the session together. The physician first introduces the topic and shares the clinical knowledge. The patient representative ensures that information provided can be well addressed to patients organizations, and also highlights which are the key crucial concepts for patients to the expert and asking to clarify them to the webinar audience. The Questions & Answers session is moderated by the representatives of Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation and Lymphoma Coalition.

  • How to connect patients in Europe to CL experts via the ERN (Services available at national or  European level, Virtual Board, CPMS).

         Month: 26 April 2021

         Speakers: Prof. Martine Bagot and Pierre Aumont

  • Introduction to cutaneous lymphomas, the two prevalent subtypes: Mycosis Fungoides and Sézary Syndrome, Diagnosis and staging.

        Month: 31st May 2021

        Speakers: Prof Maarten Vermeer and Mieke de Leeuw

  • Introduction to Cutaneous Lymphomas, other subtypes, diagnosis and staging.

        Month: 28th of June 2021

        Speakers: Prof. Antonio Cozzio and Susan Thornton

  • Treatment options available in Europe: Skin directed therapy, Systemic therapy and Clinical trials.

         Month: 19th of July 2021

         Speakers : Prof. Rudolf Stadler and Guy Bouguet

  • Quality of life: Fatigue, Itch and Skin care, Psychological impact.   

        Month: 13th of September 2021

        Speakers: Prof. Julia Scarisbrick and Jenni Burrows

  • Impact of treatments on quality of life.

        Month: 18th of October 2021

        Speakers Prof. Pietro Quaglino and Keturah Harris.

Important! Webinars are recorded be public available through ERN-EuroBloodNet website and social media channels. By joining the webinar you accept the possibility of being recorded and understand that will be publicly available at the website and social media channels. For more information you can check the Privacy Policy.

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