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ERN-EuroBloodNet Thursdays webinars

ERN-EuroBloodNet is aware of the high impact that the online activities have nowadays, especially in the area of education. Topic specific recorded video sessions provided by experts in the field allow health professionals to learn highly specialized knowledge without the need to travel and whenever they wish. In addition, topic focused webinars allow to tackle questions gathered from the audience in real time, providing the perfect environment to benefit from the most outstanding experts in the field.

ERN-EuroBloodNet Thursdays Webinars

The aim of these educational activities is promoting the interest on very innovative topics in order to stress among health professionals the cutting-edge advances in the field of Rare Hematological Diseases.

Webinars are mainly addressed on very rare diseases, complex disorders, highly specialized procedures and implementation of guidelines. At the same time, webinars' programs that are specifically addressed to patients intends to increase the awareness on a specific rare hematological disease among patients' advocates and patients associations.

Webinars description

ERN-EuroBloodNet webinars are conducted using the Zoom Platform. It allows full audio and visual communication, as well as interaction between webinar's speaker and participants.

Each Webinars will last 45 minutes: 30 minutes for the expert's presentation and last 15 minutes for hearers' questions. In addition, they are always held in the same day of the week and time slot: Thursdays at 17:00 (CEST/CET according to the period of the year).

ERN-EuroBloodNet program includes 1-2 webinars per month. The balance among subnetworks is ensured, holding 2-4 webinars per year and subnetwork.

Important! Webinars are recorded and will be public available through ERN-EuroBloodNet website and social media channels. By joining the webinar you accept the possibility of being recorded and understand that will be publicly available at the website and social media channels. For more information you can check the Privacy Policy.

Upcoming webinars

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Upcoming webinars

Check below the upcoming webinars and register to receive the link!!