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Use cases challenges: MDS, SCD and MM

Use cases challenges: MDS, SCD and MM

27/09/2023 12:30

Speakers: Matteo Giovanni Della Porta, Sophie Wintrich, María del Mar Mañú Pereira, Raffaella Colombatti, Marina Martello

Target: Patients, Health professionals, Patients organizations
Subnetworks: Lymphoid malignancies, Myeloid malignancies, Red blood cell defects
Disease Groups: Myelodysplastic syndrome, Sickle cell disease and related diseases, Transversal


Prof. Dr. Matteo Giovanni Della Porta obtained his Medical Degree with honours at the University of Pavia Medical School, Pavia, Italy in 1999. From 2000 to 2003 he completed his training in Hematology at the Department of Hematology, University of Ferrara Medical School, Ferrara, Italy, and obtained his Degree with honours. From 2004 to 2006 he was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship at the Department of Hematology, University of Pavia Medical School & S. Matteo Hospital, Pavia, Italy [Research project: "Genomic and functional characterization of hematopoietic stem cells in myelodysplastic syndromes".]

Since 2008 he has held the position of Associate Professor of Clinical Oncology at the University of Pavia Medical School & S. Matteo Hospital, Pavia, Italy

Since 2016 he has held the position of Associate Professor of Hematology at Humanitas University, and Head of Leukemia Unit - Cancer Center, Humanitas Research Hospital.

Dr Maria del Mar Mañú-Pereira is the head of rare anemia disorders research laboratory in translation research group on cancer and blood disorders in children at Vall d'Hebrón Research Intitute - University hospital Vall d'Hebrón in Barcelona (Spain). She is also the Scientific director of the European Reference Network on Rare Hematological Disorders ERN-EuroBloodNet, in charge of the definition and implementation of the network scientific strategy and the relations with the European structures for data sharing and the EC-Joint Research Centre, and the coordinator of its European platform of patients' registries on rare hematological disorders, ENROL, and of Rare Anaemia Disorders European Platform, RADeep. She also leads Work Package 3 on patient centered research in the European Rare Disease Research Coordination and Support Action consortium, ERICA. Dr Maria del Mar Mañú-Pereira graduated in Biomedical sciences and specialised in Human Genetics. She obtained her PhD in 2009, with a thesis on epidemiological and molecular genetics studies in the newborn population for rare anemia disorders. In the field of translational research, Dr Mañú-Pereira is focused on development of innovative methodologies; X-omics, red blood cell rheology and mechanical properties characterization, microfluidics and organ-on-chip for integrative diagnosis and personalize medicine. In this context, she is principal investigator of European Commission funded projects EVIDENCE, Erythrocytes Properties And Viability In Dependence Of Flow And Extra-Cellular Environment, GENOMED4ALL, Genomics and Personalized Medicine for all though Artificial Intelligence in Haematological Diseases through a European federated learning platform and SYNTHEMA, Synthetic generation of hematological data over federated computing frameworks to further enhance diagnostic capacity, assess treatment options and predict outcomes in rare hematological diseases.

Dr. Raffaella Colombatti is pediatric hematologist oncologist at the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Unit of the Azienda Ospedaliera-Universita di Padova, in Padova, Italy. Her main field of interest are Red Cell Disorders, especially Sickle Cell Disease. She has contributed in creating the Sickle Cell Veneto Region Reference Center in Padova and is clinical coordinator of the local Universal Newborn Screening Program; she is in charge of the General Hematology- Anemias clinic. In the past years she has been involved in clinical research on SCD vasculopathy, cerebral and neurocognitive abnormalities and brain function. Dr. Colombatti is also interested in Child Health in Africa and is leading several projects in Guinea Bissau, West Africa, in the field of Hematology and Infectious Disorders.

Dr. Marina Martello is a fixed-term researcher at the Institute of Hematology and Oncologic Sciences "L. and A. Seràgnoli", Bologna - Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Prof. Michele Cavo. Her work is focused on translational research on Lymphoproliferative diseases, particularly focusing on Multiple Muyeloma genomic and immunophenotypic characterization and minimal residual disease analyses, by means of the most innovative approaches such as artificial intelligence and liquid biopsy.

She is a faculty member for Master I livello "Management del paziente con Mieloma Multiplo" Università, degli Studi di Torino since 2019 and for the Educational Stages on Multiple Myeloma sponsored by Celgene, Takeda, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Janssen Pharmaceutical and GlaxoSmithKlineand since 2013. 

Dr. Martello has more than 70 research products and 21 papers published in peer-reviewed indexed journals.