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People with VWD bleed too

People with VWD bleed too

09/05/2024 17:30

Speakers: Michele Lavin, Dearbhla Dohert, Baiba Ziemele

Target: Health professionals, Patients organizations
Subnetworks: Bleeding - Coagulation disorders
Disease Groups: Von Willebrand disease

Dr. Michelle Lavin is a Consultant Haematologist in the National Coagulation Centre, St. James' Hospital and researcher in the Irish Centre for Vascular Biology, RCSI, Dublin. Her PhD and postdoctoral research focused on low Von Willebrand Factor and in 2019 she received the Eberhard F. Mammen Young Investigator Award. Her current research programme focuses on Low VWF, bleeding score analysis and improving diagnosis and care for Women and Girls with Bleeding Disorders (WGBD). Dr. Lavin serves as the Chair of the World Federation of Haemophilia Von Willebrand Disease (VWD) and Rare Bleeding Disorder Committee, Co-Chair of the EAHAD WGBD Working Group and Associate Member of the FIGO (International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics) Menstrual Disorder and Related Health Impacts Committee. She previously served as a Co-Chair on the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis Von Willebrand Factor Scientific Subcommittee. Dr Lavin was an invited expert on the 2021 ASH/ISTH/NHF/WFH Management of VWD guidelines & the 2021 EAHAD Principles of Care for WGBD. 

Dr. Dearbhla Doherty (MD, PhD) is a Clinical Haematology Fellow on the Wellcome/HRB funded Irish Clinical Academic Training (ICAT) Programme. She has recently completed a PhD at the O'Donnell Laboratory, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). Her current research focus includes the pathophysiology and phenotypic modifiers of Low VWF levels, as well as exploring novel therapeutics in the management of von Willebrand Disease.

Baiba Ziemele is a passionate patient advocate from Latvia. Living with inherited bleeding disorder, Von Willebrand Disease, she has been heavily involved in patient advocacy, becoming president of Latvia Hemophilia Society in 2009, engaging in various committees at European Haemophilia Consortium and World Federation of Hemophilia, representing European community with bleeding disorders as ePAG in EuroBloodNet, European Reference Network for rare hematological diseases. She has helped shaping rare disease policy nationally and internationally. Since 2018, Baiba is also building Latvian Network of Patient Organizations to bring united patient voice and represent patient interests at various tables. In 2022, Baiba received Human Development award for outstanding contribution to health from Civic Alliance Latvia and US Embassy in Latvia.

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