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Diagnosis and Clinical management of rare forms of Hemochromatosis

Diagnosis and Clinical management of rare forms of Hemochromatosis

29/10/2020 17:00

Speakers: Domenico Girelli

Target: Health professionals
Subnetworks: Hemochromatosis and other iron disorders
Disease Groups: HFE related hereditary hemochromatosis (Symptomatic form of hemochromatosis type 1 - OMIM 235201), Rare hereditary hemochromatosis (Other than Type 1)

Prof. Domenico Girelli graduated in Medicine, summa cum laude at University of Verona in 1985. Ph.D. in Experimental Hematology (University of Milan/Ministry of Education, University and Research, Rome 1993), he is currently full Professor of Internal Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of Verona and Director of Internal Medicine Unit, University Hospital of Verona.

He is also local coordinator of the Center for Rare Hematological Diseases (EuroBloodNet), University Hospital of Verona, and member of the Scientific Committee on Iron and Heme, American Society of Hematology and member of the Advisory Board, European Hematology Association. He is also former Member of the Board of Directors of IBIS (International BioIron Society). Member of the Scientific Committee of EFAPH/HI (European Federation of Associations of Patients with Hemochromatosis/Hemochromatosis International).

Prof. Girelli is author of over 250 articles in peer-reviewed journals including New England Journal of Medicine, Nature, Lancet, Blood, Haematologica, British Journal of Hematology, American Journal of Hematology, HemaSphere. Listed in the publicly available database of 100,000 world's top scientists (Ioannidis JPA, PLoS Biology 2019). Further info: