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CNS and/or Ocular lymphoma

CNS and/or Ocular lymphoma

01/07/2021 17:00

Speakers: Carole Soussain

Target: Health professionals
Subnetworks: Lymphoid malignancies

Soussain is a physician specializing in clinical hematology. She has experience in the field of malignant hematological disorders (lymphoma, myeloma, leukemia, etc.), with a focus of CNS lymphoma.

Dr. Soussain is involved in several clinical and translational research projects as part of various collaborative academic groups, aimed at improving the understanding and treatment of CNS and intraocular lymphomas.

She is the hematology coordinator for the national reference center for primary CNS lymphoma and is responsible for primary CNS lymphoma within the ERN-EuroBloodNet network. She sits on the Scientific Advisory Board for LYSA, the Lymphoma Study Association. She is also involved in preclinical research on CNS lymphoma.