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Goudemand, Jenny

About me

Name: Jenny

Surname: Goudemand

Academic title: Pr

Which is your area of expertise for the "Disease/group of diseases"?

  • Prevention and genetic counseling
  • Diagnostics
  • Treatment and care

Specify your expertise for the "Disease/group of diseases" (eg SCT, Molecular diagnosis):

Expertise in the phenotypic and genotypic diagnosis of von Willebrand disease (VWD) Treatment of congenital or acquired VWD or severe clotting deficiencies Treatment of haemophilia


Rare coagulation disorder Rare hemorrhagic disorder Rare hemorrhagic disorder due to a coagulation factors defect Rare hemorrhagic disorder due to a constitutional coagulation factors defect Multiple sclerosis-ichthyosis-factor VIII deficiency syndrome Hemophilia Hemophilia A Severe hemophilia A Moderately severe hemophilia A Mild hemophilia A Symptomatic form of hemophilia A in female carriers Hemophilia B Severe hemophilia B Moderately severe hemophilia B Mild hemophilia B Symptomatic form of hemophilia B in female carriers Congenital factor V deficiency Congenital fibrinogen deficiency Familial afibrinogenemia Familial dysfibrinogenemia Familial hypofibrinogenemia Familial hypodysfibrinogenemia Congenital alpha2-antiplasmin deficiency Congenital factor XIII deficiency Von Willebrand disease Von Willebrand disease type 1 Von Willebrand disease type 2 Von Willebrand disease type 2A Von Willebrand disease type 2B Von Willebrand disease type 2M Von Willebrand disease type 2N Von Willebrand disease type 3 Congenital factor XI deficiency Congenital plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 deficiency Congenital high-molecular-weight kininogen deficiency Congenital prekallikrein deficiency Combined deficiency of factor V and factor VIII Congenital vitamin K-dependent coagulation factors deficiency Congenital factor VII deficiency Congenital factor II deficiency Congenital factor X deficiency Hereditary combined deficiency of vitamin K-dependent clotting factors Hemorrhagic disease due to alpha-1-antitrypsin Pittsburgh mutation East Texas bleeding disorder Thrombomodulin-related bleeding disorder Rare hemorrhagic disorder due to an acquired coagulation factor defect Acquired prothrombin deficiency Acquired hemophilia Acquired von Willebrand syndrome

Which is your patient age coverage?

  • Pediatrics
  • Adults
  • Ageing

Member Representative

Subnetwork representative:

  • Bleeding - Coagulation disorders

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Name english: CHU de Lille

Name original: CHU de Lille


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