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Clinical Patient Management System for Virtual diagnosis

Clinical Patient Management System for Virtual diagnosis

Clinical Patient Management System for Virtual diagnosis

Be part of the CPMS experts to obtain and provide support to the diagnosis and treatment of rare hematological patients.

Some patients live for months, years or in many cases, their entire lives with an undiagnosed condition. Obtaining a diagnosis can be a long and difficult journey.

Do you have cases among your patients that pose diagnostic or treatment difficulties?  

Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) can help you. It is a powerful tool that allows you to resolve cases quickly thanks to a secure, privileged, and unique access to a large panel of experts.

You don't have a specific case, but do you want to share your expertise?

Be part of the CPMS experts. It is a plus for the doctor and the patient, because having a fast, correct, and precise diagnosis allows to target the treatment and to save lives.

Various updates have been performed in 2021 within the CPMS to ensure a better experience for experts using the tool. This resulted in several improvements such as the introduction of an "experts groups" functionality, the simplification of the video conferencing tool, Extension of the Panel Manager permissions.

The ERN-EuroBloodNet is also closely involved with the European Commission in the definition of the new CPMS Version and its mobile app to ensure the delivery of the most efficient tool for its experts community.

The registration procedure is easy, you will find a quick guide here. Be aware to have your phone next to you.

You will then be able to:

  1. Submit your complex clinical cases to a panel of experts of your choice and benefit from their expertise and advice.
  2. Or to provide your own expertise by being invited to a panel on a specific case.

Your expertise has a high added value, share it.

If you have any question, please write to CPMS helpdesk (