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Extension of ERN-EuroBloodNet Members’ Areas of Expertise

Extension of ERN-EuroBloodNet Members’ Areas of Expertise

Extension of ERN-EuroBloodNet Members’ Areas of Expertise

HCPs have the possibility to request an extension of their disease coverage!

Currently, the ERN-EuroBloodNet's coverage involves a large group of hematological disorders resulting from quantitative or qualitative abnormalities of blood cells, lymphoid organs and coagulation factors.

Since January 2022, Health Care Providers (HCPs) have the possibility to manage and actualize their disease-coverage within the ERN-EuroBloodNet framework: A specific procedure has been implemented by the European Commission in order to assess and validate the new areas of expertise of ERNs Members. In order to guarantee the expertise of the members within the ERN-EuroBloodNet, specific criteria was defined for each of the 6 subnetworks.

This application process for the actualization of the disease coverage is intended to take place annually (opening in January each year). As a result of the first call led in 2022, a total of four ERN-EuroBloodNet Members extended their expertise with the ERN. The assessment of their application has been officially communicated by the BoMS on April 2022.

To reach a comprehensive coverage of all rare hematological diseases by the ERN-EuroBloodNet, Members are encouraged to get their newly acquired expertise assessed and validated through this new mechanism: The next call is expected to be open in winter 2023, however, HCPs can already check criteria's of eligibility and application process to be able to anticipate the call and apply in the best conditions as possible!