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Preceptorships, another good way of learning

Preceptorships, another good way of learning

Preceptorships, another good way of learning

ERN Exchange Mobility Program, a unique opportunity to benefit from training in a specialized institution.

The ERN Exchange Mobility Program, coordinated by Ecorys Agency, aims to organize short stays in ERN's Health Care Providers for disseminating expertise on Rare Diseases among Network's members.

Prof. Achille Iolascon (AOU Federico II Napoli (Italy) together with his collaborators contributed to the success of the first exchange of this program: Preceptorship on Rare Haemolytic Anaemia in Laboratories

« In July 2022 we hosted in Naples the preceptorship on the diagnostics and treatment of hereditary anaemias.  It was a wonderful experience which was attended, in addition to the members of my group, by three colleagues from Lithuania, Cyprus and Portugal. We had the opportunity to discuss the new diagnostic protocols and the problems regarding their interpretation. The course had a theoretical part and a practical laboratory part. Problems related to treatment protocols were also addressed, with particular reference to gene therapy approaches. In consideration of the results obtained, we hope to be able to repeat this experience next year by hosting new colleagues. » Prof. Achille Iolascon, Coordinator of the Preceptorship (AOU Federico II - Naples)

Concretely, 3 selected candidates have benefited from this exchange programme.

« ERN-EuroBloodNet preceptorship on Rare Hereditary Haemolytic Anaemia in Laboratories (coordinator prof. Achille Iolascon, University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy) was an invaluable experience! During this course, I had the opportunity to learn from experts in the field of rare anaemias the theoretical and practical basis for the use of diagnostic tools and follow-up of patients with suspected hereditary haemolytic anaemias and iron metabolism defects, with emphasis on the application of genetic tests, their limitations and the interpretation of their results. Real clinical cases were discussed and diagnostic/decision dilemmas were thoroughly elaborated in a highly engaging and friendly hosting environment. The experience was undoubtedly greatly beneficial for my future career, and I am looking forward to applying all the new knowledge to my daily practice for the benefit of rare anaemia patients in my country. » Dr Panayiota Papasavva, Participant (Archbishop Makarios III Hospital)

Exchanges will be organised until December. Stay tuned to our social media channels so do not to miss the current and future preceptorship launches. We encourage you to submit your applications to take advantage of this opportunity!

You will find all the information about the next preceptorships on our website!