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The ERN Preceptorship experience in the AUSL Romagna- Presidio Ospedaliero di Ravenna

The ERN Preceptorship experience in the AUSL Romagna- Presidio Ospedaliero di Ravenna

The ERN Preceptorship experience in the AUSL Romagna- Presidio Ospedaliero di Ravenna

Discover the experience of the coordinator and the participants!

Last December 2022, 5th-6th, the Preceptorship on Diagnosis and Management of Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH) has been held. This educational activity was organized by Prof. Francesco Lanza, M.D. at the AUSL Romagna- Presidio Ospedaliero di Ravenna.

During the preceptorship, the 2 participants had the opportunity to:

  1. There are few practical indications on how to monitor naïve PNH patients, to early diagnose possible severe complications or disease evolution. The main three topics were:
    • Definition of patients' category deserving a specific monitoring schedule 
    • Indications on monitoring schedule 
    • Logistics and organization of a given reference center for PNH.
  2. To standardize antibody panels, reagents and gating strategies for PNH diagnosis and monitoring.
  3. To delineate GPI-deficient phenotypes (type I, type II, and type III cells)
  4. To validate high-sensitivity analysis for PNH subclones detection and quantitation
  5. To discuss the role of NGS in detecting gene abnormalities in PNH
  6. To discuss treatment options in PNH, including experimental drugs

In the following lines, you will find the outcomes of this ERN-EuroBloodNet Preceptorship experience from both sides:

«On 5th and  6th December 2022, the Haematology Institute of Ravenna (Italy) hosted the preceptorship in Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH). The faculty was made up of experts in clinical haematology research, flow cytometry and molecular biology. Six faculty members have mentored 2 scholars. This training course was Coordinated by prof Francesco Lanza. We discussed several topics related to PNH, including clinical features, flow cytometry, and molecular diagnosis. Moreover, It was an opportunity to discuss the results of ongoing clinical trials for PNH and learn about recent advancements in the field through the presentation of clinical cases. The management of the disease in the era of the COVID pandemic was also highlighted. Overall, it was a unique and fantastic opportunity for any young haematologist interested in learning the skills of conducting clinical trials and expanding his/her knowledge of the disease.
I do hope that our commitment to helping practising haematologists to provide quality care to patients, continue their professional development, and enhance their knowledge and expertise in the area of rare diseases, has been appreciated by scholars in a friendly environment.» Prof. Francesco Lanza, M.D., Coordinator of the Preceptorship (AUSL Romagna- Presidio Ospedaliero di Ravenna, Italy).

«ERN-EuroBloodNet preceptorship on Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH) was very interesting. In the clinic, we follow several patients with PNH, but never in person. During this course, I had the opportunity to learn more about this disease from diagnosis, clinic and therapy. It was a very interactive course. We discussed some real clinical cases in a highly engaging and friendly hosting environment. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to visit the molecular biology and immunophenotype laboratories, learning about aspects that are very useful in clinical practice.  The experience was undoubtedly greatly beneficial for my professional future and I started to apply all the new knowledge to my daily practice for the benefit of our PNH patients.» Maria Assunta Limongiello, Participant (Foundation polyclinic University A. Gemelli - Rome, Italy).

Other exchanges, in the frame of the Exchange Mobility Program (Ecorys Agency), have been organised by the ERN-EuroBloodNet. Stay tuned to our social media channels to discover the following preceptorship experiences!

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