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ASCAT 2020

ASCAT 2020

Considering the success of the SCD patients' session at ASCAT 2019  it has been decided to repeat the experience by organizing another educational event online addressed to SCD patients in the framework of the 15th Annual Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Conference (ASCAT).

The SCD Patients Educational Session involves three major sessions: 

  • Living with SCD and coping with COVID19 Pandemic Outbreak, (access to hospitals, management of crisis, receiving information about Covid, etc.) 
  • The participations of SCD patients to Research and Peer Reviewing.  
  • Three panels. One "meet the experts" and two "meet the patients' session". There has been also the possibility for patients to raise dedicated questions to physicians and for physicians and young patients, the possibility to raise questions to adult patients. 
  • Living with SCD as pediatric or young adult patients.  

A duo made by physician and patient representative has moderated each topic session. Their role has been presenting the topic, gathering key messages and collecting questions raised by hearers in the platform's chat.  For some topics, pre-recorded session made by patients' testimonies have been shared.

For better shaping the framework of each specific session, the ERN-EuroBloodNet Coordination Team has collecting questions from patients to physicians and from physicians to patients launching a survey among participants, and key messages belonging to each session too before the official day of the Educational SCD session at ASCAT. 

48 people living with SCD (patients and parents patients) and 20 health professionals (physicians, Eurordis, ERN, others) registered to the event.

The Educational Online Session has been fully recorded. Those videos will soon be available on the YouTube Educational channel, EuroBloodNet Edu's

Patients organizations that registered to the ASCAT 2020:

Euro Blood Net