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The ERN Preceptorship experience in Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

The ERN Preceptorship experience in Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

The ERN Preceptorship experience in Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Dr. C. Heleen van Ommen together with her team contributed to the success of this preceptorship!

During the second week of November, a new ERN-EuroBloodNet Preceptorship has been held. This educational activity is part of the ERN Exchange Mobility Program, coordinated by Ecorys Agency. During the short stay in the ERN Health Care Provider, Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam, the participant had the opportunity to :

  1. Acquire the theoretical and practical basis for the use of diagnostic tools and follow-up of pediatric patients with suspected thrombotic and hemorrhagic disorders.
  2. Know the genetic diagnostic and monitoring tools, their limitations and the interpretation of the results.
  3. Be able to propose treatment approaches in thrombotic and hemorrhagic disorders (including thrombocytopenia purpura).
  4. Propose a rational approach/algorithm for anticoagulation during ECMO.

Dr. C. Heleen van Ommen (Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam) together with her team contributed to the success of this preceptorship focused on the classifications, pathophysiology, clinical presentation, laboratory investigations and treatment approach of the main thrombotic and hemorrhagic disorders in children: hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, pediatric thrombosis and pediatric thrombocytopenia purpura.

«Dr Rubén Berrueco recently visited our pediatric hematology clinic of the Sophia Children's Hospital Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for one week. It was really wonderful to have him in our clinic for one week. He participated in many outpatient clinics (including one clinic for adult patients), multidisciplinary meetings, patient review meetings and so on. We discussed difficult cases, protocols, diagnosis and management of several rare hematological diseases. It was a great learning experience for both sides. We, for example, learned how to make ultrasounds of the joints of hemophilia patients. We have just started to make those ultrasounds and are still in the learning phase; Dr Berrueco could share his more than 4 years of experience with us. The presence of a colleague from abroad stimulates discussion about the management of patients with rare hematological disorders and, as earlier mentioned, is a learning experience for both sides. In addition, this visit will stimulate international collaboration. We have started to join forces on several new projects, including projects about pediatric thrombosis and vascular anomalies in collaboration with the ERN. In short, the ERN exchange program will help to improve the care for patients with rare hematological diseases in Europe. We are looking forward to going to Barcelona and visiting his clinic!» Dr. C. Heleen van Ommen Coordinator of the preceptorship (Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam)

« I have recently participated in a short-term visit of a healthcare professional in the framework of the ERN. As a pediatric hematologist treating patients with non-oncologic disorders, I decided to visit the Pediatric Hematology Department of Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam, led by Dra. Heleen van Ommen, during five days. It has been a fantastic experience as we could share protocols, discuss clinical cases, and realize that our approaches in rare diseases are, in general, very similar. For me, networking is probably the key of this kind of experience. In fact, we are already working on some new projects to work together with the collaboration of the ERN. And, of course, I also had time for visiting the city of Rotterdam and enjoying myself with my new colleagues!» Dr. Rubén Berrueco, Participant (Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu-Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau).

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