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The ERN Preceptorship experience in the CUB-Hôpital Erasme

The ERN Preceptorship experience in the CUB-Hôpital Erasme

The ERN Preceptorship experience in the CUB-Hôpital Erasme

Discover the experience of the coordinators and the participants!

Last December 2022, 19th- 22nd, the 2nd Preceptorship on Rare Haemolytic Anaemia in Laboratories has been held. This educational activity was organized by Prof. Béatrice Gulbis, M.D., PhD at the department of clinical chemistry of LHUB-ULB and the ULB Centre of human genetics (CUB-Hôpital Erasme).

A total of 5 participants had the opportunity to:

  1. Acquire the theoretical and practical bases for the use of diagnostic tools and follow-up of patients suspected of hereditary haemolytic anaemia
  2. Know the diagnostic and monitoring tools, their limits, and the interpretation of the results
  3. To be able to propose an evolution in the laboratory, to make adaptations or even to propose that the analyses, in a particular field, be sent to a reference center
  4. Propose a rational approach in the face of haemolytic anaemia based on national and international recommendation

In the following lines, you will find the outcomes of this ERN-EuroBloodNet Preceptorship experience from both sides:

«The preceptorship was prepared with our clinical colleagues, those from the genetic centre and from the clinical biology laboratory. We were honoured to welcome five colleagues coming from Belgium, Greece, Italy, and Portugal in our laboratories (LHUB-ULB and ULB Genetic centre) in Brussels, Belgium for four days. They participated in an explanation of the local technological choices, take part of the work in the laboratory at the technical as well as in the medical validation. We shared also clinical cases to put into perspective all the difficulties that can be encountered in terms of interpreting the results and the choice of additional analyses to be carried out. It was truly a unique opportunity for us to share our experience, to be available for all questions from our five colleagues and to express to them the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration for the benefit of patients. Each day was very intense, devoted to enzymopathies, red blood cell membrane disorders, haemoglobinopathies and finally the use of molecular genetic for their diagnosis. This visit was stimulating for each party and, for us, certainly the desire to continue this experience as well as the collaboration with our "learners".» Prof. Béatrice Gulbis, M.D., PhD, Coordinator of the Preceptorship from the department of clinical chemistry of LHUB-ULB/ULB Centre of human genetics (CUB-Hôpital Erasme).

«It was a unique and very interesting experience to have the chance to participate in "2nd educational program on Rare Haemolytic Anaemia in Laboratories" which was take place in Belgium. I am a Pediatrician, with a special interest in Benign Pediatric haematology. Also, I am a junior attending physician in a Thalassemia Unit, First Department of Pediatrics, the University of Athens in which we follow pediatric and adult patients with many other benign haematological disorders apart from thalassemia. By Participating in this medical education program, I had the chance to be exposed to a highly specialized centre and interact with esteemed faculty members, with whom offer me the opportunity to collaborate in the future, in evaluating difficult cases. During the program, I was educated to understand the applied diagnostic process and follow-up of patients with suspected hemolytic anaemia (such as mebranopathies, enzymopathies, and hemoglobinopathies) to learn about the genetic diagnostic and monitoring tools, with an emphasis on their limitations and the interpretation of the results, and finally, to become familiar with the current rational approaches /algorithms for the evaluation of hemolytic anaemias. Moreover, as a young scientist in the field of pediatric benign haematology, I was able to connect with other scientists involved in the field, who share similar interests. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Prof. B. Gulbis and her colleagues for being so educational and cooperative. I forward to participating in other similar educational programs.» Polyxeni Delaporta, Participant (Aghia Sophia Childrens Hospital).

«It was 4 days full of experiences and continuous dialogue. I had a great opportunity to integrate clinical aspects with laboratory tests. No less important was getting to know experienced colleagues from different countries gaining professional and human enrichment, a great treasure for my personal and professional life.» Michela Ribersani, Participant from Sapienza University (AOU Policlinico Umberto I - Rome)

Other exchanges, in the frame of the Exchange Mobility Program (Ecorys Agency), have been organised by the ERN-EuroBloodNet. Stay tuned to our social media channels to discover the following preceptorship experiences!

You will find all the information about the ERN-EuroBloodNet preceptorships on our website!